Girls today

A zest for life and nice LADIES

On the basis of the club system of the PALLADIUM, where the ladies are our guests, you can experience a feeling of pleasure which you will not find just anywhere!

The pretty erotic ladies will present you with sexy dance shows on the pole dancing stage according to the motto of the day.

We are very happy to be able to welcome sexy ladies from different regions and countries as our guests, from nearby and far away.

If you enjoy sex and want to live out your voyeurism, then you can see and experience a lot with us!

your PALLADIUM team


The ladies who come to us run their own private businesses in the eroticism industry.

We have to point out that these ladies offer their services as independent businesswomen and that they do not have an employment relationship with Club PALLADIUM. The ladies work in their own name and on their own account.

Agreements on the type of service, the remuneration, as well as the payment procedures are exclusively made between the ladies and their guests; they do not constitute an employment relationship with the PALLADIUM.